Somatic Integration Sessions

What is a Somatic Integration Session?

Somatic Integration sessions have a direct effect on your emotional state, and have been known to leave people feeling more calm, more relaxed, more energized, and can help induce epiphanies and breakthroughs with mental and emotional issues. Somatic Integration sessions give you power to change your emotional state, and allow you to elevate your mood and raise your vibration so that you can walk back into your life feeling empowered, motivated, and inspired.

Somatic Integration sessions put you in a state that is known as heart coherence, which is essentially when the heart, mind, and emotions are synchronized. The heart sends 80% more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. It is this information coming from the heart to the brain that sets the tone for our entire nervous system and dictates our body’s chemistry, hormones, and emotional state. Somatic Integration sessions support you in stabilizing your body’s nervous system so that your body can more easily heal and so that you can have a more positive emotional experience in your life.

In a Somatic Integration session, we will utilize various methods of conscious breathing exercises and somatic (body movement) exercises to gain access to the inherent wisdom that your body holds. Somatic Integration exercises help you unlock and tap into your body’s inherent power to stabilize, heal, and evolve.

When we are out of sync (not in heart coherence) our bodies are functioning from a state of stress, and every system in our body becomes dis-regulated. This can lead to issues with digestion, nutrient absorption, menstrual issues, and sleep issues among many others. Somatic Integration sessions work to help you regulate your nervous system and put you in heart coherence so that these systems can all work more effectively and efficiently.

Somatic Integration sessions can be a beautiful way to enhance your coaching experience, but also are amazing as a stand alone experience and are open to anyone.

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