Unlock Your Genius

A 4 Month Guided Journey, Deep into the Universe of YOU!

April 2nd – July 16th 2023

Meetings are on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month. 1pm-3pm MST

Attendance is available in person or digitally via Zoom.

In this sacred, 4 month container, Connie will guide you deep into the universe that is you, so that you can discover your own personal map to awakening your Prime Gifts. Our voyage will be guided by the system known as the Gene Keys, which was developed by modern mystic, Richard Rudd.

The Gene Keys is a “grand synthesis of practical wisdom to help guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your true potential.”

Together we will each voyage deep into our own inner waters as we follow The Activation Sequence of the Golden Path as laid out in the Gene Keys system. As we each follow our own individual paths, we will be guided by Connie, a well studied Gene Keys Voyager of many years. We will also come together in community to deepen our contemplation, support one another, and witness the magical unfolding of not only our own gifts, but also the gifts of others.

What you’ll receive:

  • Discover your personal map to uncover your Prime Gifts and become aware of the shadow patterns that can keep you stuck
  • Lifetime access to the resources available in the Genius Portal – the home for the Unlock Your Genius Retreat, full of contemplation resources, videos, meditations, and exercises to deepen your journey and much more!
  • A copy of the official Gene Keys activation sequence book “The Gene Keys Golden Path – Genius: A guide to your Activation Sequence”
  • Discover a system and set of tools that you can utilize for your entire life that will help you not only understand and know yourself better, but also assist you in your relationships with the outside world
  • Copies of your personal Hologenetic Profile and supplemental Human Design Profile
  • Supplemental resources to understand both profiles
  • Become part of community dedicated to self-illumination, self-exploration, and self-empowerment
  • Opportunities for one-on-one AcuPresence© Attunement Sessions and one-on-one Integration Sessions to deepen your journey
  • Video recordings of each monthly session
  • Audio recordings of meditations that complement and deepen the voyage
  • So Much More!

Connie Greisz
Holistic Empowerment Coach

I am a Certified Holistic Empowerment Coach, in the process of acquiring my Gene Keys Guide Certification, and an avid voyager of the Gene Keys system for many years. My passion is assist people to find and embrace their highest potential. In my many years of coaching, the Gene Keys system has been one of the most beneficial systems for myself and for my clients. It is a system that you can utilize for your entire life, and you will continue to gain insight and wisdom at every step of the journey.


  • $44 monthly (4 monthly payments) or
  • $155 upfront payment

Still not sure?

Get a taste of the wisdom available in this system by obtaining your Gene Keys profile along with a reading/interpretation.

The Unlock Your Genius portal is not a quick fix to the problems in your life, or a chance to press the “easy button.” It is a path of introspection and contemplation that will provide you with a framework from which to deeply connect to yourself, your shadows, and your potential. This is a system for people who are ready to take charge in their lives and move out of the matrix of fear and pain and into the reality of love and manifestation.

Not sure, but want a taste?

Get a taste of the system we’ll be working with by getting a copy and reading/interpretation of your Gene Keys profile. You’ll gain access to the system of the Gene Keys, and you’ll get a taste of what kind of insight you can get by working with this system.

Here’s what the last person had to say about their Gene Keys Reading from Room to Bloom:

“The first sentence gave me goosebumps!”

*Please note, the Unlock Your Genius 4 Month Retreat offered by Room to Bloom Empowerment Coaching is based off of the self paced Gene Keys course, Discovering Your Genius, available on the Gene Keys website. The information provided in this retreat offered by Room to Bloom Empowerment Coaching is derived from this self-paced course as well as from years of study and research into both the Gene Keys and Human Design systems. The Unlock Your Genius Retreat does not qualify as completion of the Discovering Your Genius Course from the Gene Keys Website and this retreat, and Room to Bloom Empowerment Coaching is not affiliated with the Gene Keys website. Please also see the terms and conditions page for more details on this and other services provided by Room to Bloom Empowerment Coaching*