Connie Greisz is a Life Coach and Personal Power Enthusiast dedicated to helping you uncover the keys to your power and gifts.

Room to Bloom is all about putting YOU in control of your life, and giving you access to your inherent power and potential.

One to One Coaching Services

In 1:1 coaching sessions, we dive deep into the world of YOU. Together we work to uncover hidden, subconscious patterns, limiting beliefs, and anything else that may be holding you back. With dedicated one on one time, we will dive deep into whatever you need/want to focus on, unlocking your potential to thrive in your life. Utilizing multiple coaching styles and tools, together we will prime your mind, body and spirit to embody new perspectives and integrate your blossoming potential and power.

Text and Email Coaching Services

Maybe you’re not ready to fully dive into a coaching commitment, or maybe you just want a fresh perspective on a specific situation or experience in your life. With text and email coaching services, you can ask questions, and I’ll respond with messages crafted specifically for you, full of tools to utilize on your own time. Sometimes all we need is a fresh set of eyes or a change in perspective for something brand new to open up to us.

Group Coaching and Support

In group coaching and support sessions, you will benefit from not only the expertise and guidance of Connie as a coach, but also from a community of women seeking the same things as you. By engaging with community, we all gain more insight and perspectives than we would working alone. Its truly a magical experience, as we all bear witness to others transformations while also having others bear witness to ours.

Group sessions range from topics such as personal empowerment to deep dives into the Gene Keys and Human Design and many more including creativity and art.

Somatic Harmonizing Sessions

Somatic Harmonizing sessions are a wonderful way to tap into the inherent power and wisdom that your body holds. These one on one sessions are an experience to behold and truly help you feel and embody the raw power that your body holds aiding you in your personal evolution.

Self Study Courses

No matter what, YOU are the only one who can unlock the hidden treasures in your life and embody your power and gifts. Everything else is just help on the journey. With one investment, you have unlimited access to the tools and resources designed to help you bloom. Room to Bloom is always working on creating new courses designed to give you the tools you need to grow and bloom in your life.

*Self Study Course page is coming soon*

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Working with Connie is always inspiring me. I’m just happy to be here. Thanks for helping me turn things around.”

Kate West

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