Self-Love: The Key to Your Personal Empowerment

Part 2 of 5 – Self Awareness as the Foundation to Self-Love If you missed part 1 of this 5 part blog series, I encourage you to read it here. In this blog series, we are exploring how self-love is the key to your empowerment. In that exploration, we are diving into the 4 aspectsContinue reading “Self-Love: The Key to Your Personal Empowerment”

Self Love – The Key to Your Personal Empowerment

Part 1 of 5 By now, most of us have heard about self-care, self-love and all of the things associated with it. There is an entire industry dedicated to “self-care” that will sell you all things soft, cuddly, and sudsy. Self-care spa day anyone? However, I’m here to tell you that self-care and self-love areContinue reading “Self Love – The Key to Your Personal Empowerment”

Activating Your Personal Power

Personal power is all about having the ability to create and lead the life that you truly desire. According to Psychology Today, “personal power is based on strength, confidence, and competence that individuals gradually acquire in the course of their development. It is self-assertion, and a natural, healthy striving for love, satisfaction, and meaning inContinue reading “Activating Your Personal Power”